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Old Latrobe (2023)

In their first album since the pandemic, released in May 2023, 

'Old Latrobe' is proof that it was not the end of Rip Chord.


Forever - SIngle (2022)

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 11.35_edited.jpg

'Forever' is the second single released in 2022 released in anticipation of Rip_Chord's 15th anniversary.


Before He Cheats - Single (2022)
Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 12.19_edited.jpg

'Before He Cheats' marks the first single released by Rip_Chord in since the pandemic


A Rip_Chord Christmas (2021)

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 12.18_edited.jpg

In 2021, Rip_Chord debuted their first Christmas EP titled 'A Rip_Chord Christmas' for the holiday season!

Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Single (2020)


In 2020, Elon's seven A Cappella groups collaborated with one song each that inspires hope and gives the image of light. Rip_Chord performs a cover of 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters' on this collaboration!

Live From Whitley (2021)
Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 1.47_edited.jpg

'Live from Whitley' is a live-track EP taken straight from the performances in Whitely Auditorium! Enjoy the boys live, and stream on all platforms!


Working For you - Single (2020)


Speakeasy (2019)


Our newest album, "SPEAKEASY," was released in the Fall of 2019 and is our largest collaborative album yet! A special thanks to everyone who supported "SPEAKEASY!"

No Brainer (2017)

Our track, "Searching for a Feeling," from our latest album made it on the Voices Only 2017

collaborative album! A special thanks to everyone who supported "No Brainer!"

Kiss Me Quick - Single (2016)

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - Single (2015)

We have recorded our second holiday single in as many years, "Merry Christmas,

Happy Holidays", originally performed by *NSYNC. 

Green Room (2015)

For the second time in three years, we've made it on the college a cappella compilation album,

BOCA 2016, with our live track, "When A Heart Breaks"! It marks the very first live track EVER

to be featured on BOCA in its over 20-year existence.

O Holy Night - Single (2014)

We hope you enjoy our first Christmas single, O Holy Night, originally

performed by *NSYNC. Happy Holidays!

Underscore (2013)

Underscore is our six song EP, filled with great hits that Rip_Chord performed in 2013! 

The track, "Beauty and a Beat", from our latest EP made it on BOCA: The Best of College A Cappella CD! 

Baby Back Rips (2012)

'Baby Back Rips' was released in the fall of 2012, and features some chart hits and old time favorites!  


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